1. Work in accordance with the instructions for accepting students approved in the Student Affairs Procedures Manual and the admission controls and conditions.
     2. Receiving newly admitted students for each academic year.
     3. Distribution of students admitted to the faculties of the university according to their admission channels approved by the central admission in the ministry and for the morning and evening studies.
     4. Checking and preparing university orders for student admission.
     5. Checking the safety of students’ admission to morning and evening studies in accordance with the instructions in force.
     6. Follow-up the procedures for transferring students to and from the university faculties and applying the exam instructions in force.
     7. Follow up the procedures for hosting the student to and from the universities of Iraq.

     Division goals

     The Registration Division aims to take care of students and all that is related to them in technical or administrative issues, starting from the registration and acceptance of the student at the university

     until his graduation in light of the implementation of the processes and decisions issued by the higher authorities. Scientific research and external parties on the other hand.

     Division units

     1. File module
     2. Admission Unit
     3. Documentation Unit
     4. Breast health unit