Citizens Affairs Unit

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An Introduction to the Citizens Affairs Unit

The Citizen’s Affairs Unit is an administrative entity within the college directly overseen by the college’s dean. Its primary responsibility is to address citizens’ concerns, including receiving suggestions, inquiries, and feedback to resolve any issues they may encounter at the college. Additionally, it focuses on enhancing the university’s overall performance.

The Citizens Affairs Unit seeks to enhance communication between visitors and departments, divisions, and administrative units in the college, and to overcome the difficulties that they may face during their visits, in order to complete their transactions within the specified deadlines, as well as to communicate with other state institutions. This administrative unit specializes in citizens’ affairs and aims to:

  • Receiving citizens, listening to their complaints, and addressing their requests.
  • Providing feedback and opinions on received complaints and requests.
  • Compiling reports to be presented to the college dean.
  • Overseeing the scheduling and organization of meetings with the dean.
  • Logging citizens’ requests on the website
  • Ensuring timely responses to citizens’ inquiries and requests.
  • Researching to gather specific information for citizens.
  • Keeping citizens informed about the status of their requests or complaints.
  • Liaising with colleges and departments under the University Presidency regarding citizens’ concerns and requests.

In conclusion, the unit is responsible for handling the affairs of the citizens in the college, including receiving their proposals, inquiries, and opinions, as well as addressing their complaints and requests. The unit also seeks to enhance communication between the citizens and the college administration, and to facilitate the completion of transactions for the citizens.

The official email of the Citizens Affairs Unit: